Postdoctoral Scientist Positions

There are positions available with Michael Gross, Mass Spectrometry Research Resource, Washington University in St. Louis, Department of Chemistry: 

Postdoctoral Scientist Positions

Several opportunities are available immediately for postdoctoral scientists to develop MS-based methods and apply them in protein biophysics and structural proteomics of membrane proteins, viral proteins, and amyloid-forming proteins.   The research utilizes Fast Photochemical Oxidation of Proteins (FPOP), H/D amide exchange, other protein footprinting, native MS, and ion mobility. 

Membrane protein research is in collaboration with Weikai Li, Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics at the WU School of Medicine. The position provides opportunities for advancing MS-based structural methods in membrane proteins, a frontier in structural biology, and to learn protein expression and purification as needed.

Viral protein research emphasizes both fundamentals, structure, and interactions with other proteins and antibodies (epitope mapping) for JEV, Zika, Marburg, Ebola, Yellow Fever, Rift Valley Fever, and SARS-CoV-2. This research is in collaboration with G Amarasinghe, D Leung, D Fremont, and M Diamond of WU School of Medicine.

Amyloid protein research focuses on Ab in Alzheimer’s Disease and aSynuclein in Parkinson’s Disease to develop and apply protein footprinting during aggregation and their interaction with inhibitors culminating in the study of Ab in reprogrammed neurons in collaboration with A Yoo of WU School of Medicine.

The laboratory is staffed by 2 staff scientists, 5 PhD students, and 4 postdoctoral students.  Instruments include Bruker timsTOF Pro2, 2 Thermo QE orbitraps, a 12 T Bruker FTICR, 3 Bruker MaXis High Performance QToF, one with a Leap Robot for HDX, a Thermo Orbitrap, a Thermo EMR for native MS, and a Waters Synapt G2.

The candidate should have a PhD in Chemistry, Biochemistry, or Biophysics and have experience in mass spectrometry and protein science.  The minimum salary is $57,000 per year. Send application and CV and arrange three electronic reference letters to Michael L Gross (

Michael L. Gross
Professor of Chemistry, Immunology, Medicine
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