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    Online event (e-NVMS meeting) featuring an double interview with Albert Heck and Ron Heeren


    Dear mass spec friends from Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, UK, and France, I am writing you on behalf of the Dutch Society of Mass Spectrometry (NVMS) board. We are organizing an online event on the 27th of November (e-NVMS meeting) which will feature an double interview with our two worldwide known Dutch MS experts Albert Heck and Ron Heeren.

    This interview will be quite unique, where Ron and Albert will reflect on their career and comment on their MS journey with nice anecdotes. The interview is followed by a live Q&A session.

    Since online meetings do not have any borders, we would like to invite your communities to also join this meeting.

    We have a limitation set at 300 participants, so first come – first served!

    People can register using the following link:

    If you want to share it on LinkedIn, you can find the announcement under . And on Twitter:

    Many thanks in advance, and hopefully “tot de 27 November”/wir sehen uns am 27./on se voit le 27!

    Isabelle Kohler
    VU Amsterdam, Amsterdam Institute for Molecular and Life Sciences
    De Boelelaan 1085
    1081 HV Amsterdam, The Netherlands