Travel Grants for Students

Guidelines for the Application of DGMS Travel Grants

The German Society for Mass Spectrometry (DGMS) awards travel grants to student members to attend scientific meetings of the DGMS or conferences where the DGMS is involved. According to a decision of the DGMS presidential board, travel grants can also be awarded for other conferences if they are eligible for support (DGMS statute §2, paragraph 3).


  1. Applications for a DGMS travel grants to attend a scientific meeting of the German Society for Mass Spectrometry have to be completed online via the DGMS website. The deadline for applications to the Annual DGMS Conference is announced on the DGMS website (please see member information) is the starting date for conference registration. Applications for travel grants to attend other conferences that are eligible for support have to be sent to the DGMS via the treasurer.
  2. Only DGMS members who are enrolled as students at a German or European University or a German or European College, or who pursue their Master, Diploma or PhD degree, are eligible to apply for travel grants. All applicants must confirm their student status.
  3. Student members applying for a travel grant are not permitted to receive additional travel funding support from a third party, e.g. from their institution, third-party funding or other grant. Travel grants will not be awarded to post-docs or to members with permanent (tenured) positions in government or industry.
  4. Travel grants are only granted if the student member actively partakes in the scientific meeting, i.e., by presenting a scientific contribution (oral or poster presentation) related to mass spectrometry, or by supporting the organization of the scientific meeting. A co-authorship on a scientific contribution is not sufficient to be eligible for a travel grant.
  5. The following documents must be submitted in order to be eligible for receipt of a travel grant:
    1. Online application form for travel grants
    2. Confirmation of student status (student ID or confirmation of graduate student status by the graduation committee)
    3. Confirmation (by signature at the end of the scientific meeting) of active participation in the scientific meeting
    4. Confirmation (by signature at the end of the scientific meeting) that no additional travel support is provided by a third party
  6. Travel grants are paid as a lump-sum, which may vary depending on the traveling distance to the scientific meeting. The DGMS may also waive the registration fee rather than paying a lump-sum to the applicant.
  7. Travel grants are only awarded to student members if all documents (according to paragraph 5 are presented at the end of the scientific meeting.
  8. There is no legal claim for receiving a travel grants by the DGMS.

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