Memberhip and Fees

Membership of the of the German Mass Spectrometry Society (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Massenspektrometrie, DGMS) is open to every person of full age as well as legal entities of the public or private law having a bona fide interest in Mass Spectrometry.

Applicants shall be admitted as members by the action of the board and membership thereafter becomes effective upon receipt of dues by the treasurer. Applications for membership are possible online only to the board of the DGMS (available in German only).

On entry, all members agree to acknowledge statutes, by-laws, and contribution rules of the DGMS.

Annual membership rates:

  • Regular Members
    • payment by Tranfer or Standing Order: € 50,–
    • payment by SEPA direct debit mandates: € 40,–
  • Student* Members and Retired Members
    • payment by Tranfer or Standing Order: € 30,–
    • payment by SEPA direct debit mandates: € 20,–
  • Corporate Membership
    • Corporate memberships allow especially companies with varying needs and budgets to select the membership and engagement options that work best to meet their needs. Subscription rates for corporate membership of DGMS are defined according to the size of the organisation and the number of technical, scientific and managerial staff with an involvement in mass spectrometry and the society’s activities in particular. There is no limit to the numbers of staff who will be entitled to individual DGMS memberships. (However, this does not include voting rights, which can only be exercised by a named company representative.) Enquiries on any aspect of the Society and the Corporate Membership Scheme should be made either to the chairperson or the treasurer of the DGMS.
  • Honorary members are exempt from membership fees.

Please note that membership is based on the calendar year (January 1st -December 31st). Dues must be received latest by December 31st, and will be valid through the following year. Failure to pay dues by this date shall automatically terminate membership. Reinstatement of membership is only possible by re-application. Thus, DGMS strongly encourages members to provide a SEPA Direct Debit mandate (collection and debit authorization) in favor of the DGMS to avoid unintended membership termination.

Costs incurred by the DGMS in the event of non-payment of a SEPA direct debit mandate (bank charges for back processing, e.g. in the case of incorrect / expired account details, insufficient funds) will be charged to the member accordingly! Fees depend on the banks involved and average around € 8. Therefore, DGMS asks all members to take care that data are correct and updated.

* Proof of student status must be provided upon request and prior to admission as a student member!