Awards presented by DGMS

Research awards will be presented to award winners during the Annual Meetings of the DGMS. Information regarding eligibility, along with procedures for nominations can be found on the respective award page. Our archive provides information on past award recipients. You will also find information about honorary DGMS members, awardees of the DGMS medal, and Wolfgang-Paul lecturers.

The DGMS presents the following awards:

  • Mattauch-Herzog Award, sponsored by Thermo Fisher Scientific, Bremen. The award is specifically for young scientists and honors excellence in the field of mass spectrometry research.
  • Wolfgang-Paul Study Award, sponsored by Bruker Daltonik, Bremen. The award honors the best Master and PhD theses in the field of mass spectrometry.
  • ”Mass Spectrometry in Life Sciences” Award, sponsored by the DGMS. This award honors research in method development and application in the field of mass spectrometry in the life sciences.
  • Young Scientists Best Presentation Award, sponsored by Agilent (Waldbronn, Germany).