DGMS Young Scientists

About Us

The “Young Scientists” interest group was founded at the annual DGMS conference in Rostock in March 2019. Our aim is to promote an early networking of young scientists within the DGMS. You can join us if you are a student or your doctorate dates back less than five years (and you do not lead a junior research team).

For more information about us, our activities and on how to join us, please visit youngscientists.dgms.eu.

Speaker of the Young Scientists: Kira Schamoni-Kast (Hamburg)
Deputy speaker: Carla Kirschbaum (Berlin)
Deputy speaker: Marcel Macke (Münster)

Contact: info@youngscientists.dgms.eu 

DGMS Young Scientists Digital Meeting 2021

One and a half year have passed since our first and only DGMS Young Scientists conference in Hünfeld. Due to the evolving Covid19 pandemic, last year’s conference needed to be cancelled without replacement but for this year, we are scheduling an online event that is supposed to keep in touch with our members and interconnect young scientists in the field of mass spectrometry.

This year’s Young Scientists Digital Meeting will take place as an online conference on June 1718 2021. During two half days young scientists will be given the opportunity to talk about their research in oral presentations facing their peers. Participation is also possible without a scientific contribution; in addition to the presentations, we do want to foster personal exchange in small groups during the breaks.

Registration for the Digital Meeting will open in April 2021 and participation is free of charge. The registration form and further information will be available soon on the DGMS Young Scientists homepage: youngscientists.dgms.eu . We will also keep you updated on details on the schedule in the coming weeks.

We are looking forward to your registration, interesting scientific contributions and lively discussions with you.

Carla, Marcel & Jonas

Attendees of the 1st meeting of the DGMS Young Scientists in Berlin