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Please complete the Electronic Accession Form to apply for membership in the German Mass Spectrometry Society (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Massenspektrometrie e.V., DGMS).

Members aiming to customize their personal account: DO NOT use this membership form! Please log into the member area and update your account data!

Members wishing to pay DGMS subscription by bank transfer: please transfer annual dues by the end of the preceding year at the latest to the account of DGMS providing the following information.

Purpose: Membership fee for “Year” and “Your name and/or member number”

For security reasons the bank account details can be found after login in the “Members area”.

However, DGMS asks all members to provide a SEPA Direct Debit mandate (collection and debit authorization) in favor of the DGMS (either using the electronic application form or later by customization your personal account). Receipt of the annual subscription or granting direct debit authorizations is a prerequisite for successful registration or renewal of membership.