Memberhip and Fee

Any person of full age, association of persons or any legal person who deals scientifically or in any other way with mass spectrometry may become a member of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Massenspektrometrie (DGMS).

The board decides on the application for membership. Applications for membership are possible online only to the board of the DGMS (available in German only).

Für die Mitgliedschaft sind die Satzung und Beitragsordnung anzuerkennen.

Annual membership fees:

  • Regular Members
    • self-payer by Transfer or Standing Order: € 30,–
    • with SEPA direct debit: € 20,–
  • Student Members and Retired Members
    • self-payer by Transfer or Standing Order: € 12,–
    • with SEPA direct debit: € 8,–
  • Corporate Membership
    • In addition to an individual membership, corporate memberships are also possible. The membership fee for a corporate membership is measured individually according to the size of the company and its willingness to support the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Massenspektrometrie (DGMS). The advantages of a corporate membership are that all members of a company are direct members of the DGMS. You do not need to be an individual member to take full advantage of membership. If you are interested in a company membership, please contact the chairperson or the treasurer of the DGMS.

Costs incurred by the DGMS in the event of non-payment of a SEPA direct debit (bank charges for the back processing, e.g. in the case of incorrect / expired account details, insufficient funds) will be charged to the member accordingly! Fees depend on the banks involved and average around € 8. Therefore, please keep the data you have saved up to date in the member area.